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You can be professional any day of the week with eDocument.

eDocument aims to be a professional yet simple word processor to show off the abilities of the VB.Net programming language. eDocument contains all the features of major word processors such as Microsoft Word. You can create professional documents in eDocument and make them look good by inserting pictures and changing a myriad of font styles. eDocument comes wrapped up with its own find and replace tool, as well as a comprehensive help utility to help you get started. Use the built-in list of recent documents to easily open up your most recent project. You can also print your document to any printer that is installed on your computer.

The attractive interface of eDocument uses the Krypton Suite as its base. The interface is clean and compact, and at the same time easy to use.

E-Tech always welcome developers for our free software. eDocument is an open-source project, so you are more than welcome to download the source code and edit it as much as you want. eDocument is written in the VB.Net language, so any experienced VB.Net coder would be appreciated. If you think you've made some beneficial (and significant) changes, submit it by attaching a link in an email to If we're impressed, your version may even be accepted as an official release!

Please enjoy using eDocument. Remember that eDocument is free, so any help and feedback in terms of development and improvement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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